Symbiotic EP

by King Medicine

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released September 11, 2015

Produced by Brandon Volberg
All songs written by Adam Bojak

Adam Bojak: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jason Natali: Electric Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Paris Lawson: Drums

Published by 7ONE6 Music Group
Album Art Designed and Created by Carlos Fuentes
Copyright © 2015



all rights reserved


King Medicine Buffalo, New York

My name is Adam, and this is my music.

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Track Name: Leave It Open
Alarm goes off in the morning
On the cell phone by your head
Neck is stiff, and back is sore
From sleeping in that strange bed

Drag yourself to the bathroom
Throw some water on your face
The picture in the mirror's worth a thousand words
About feeling out of place

It seemed like a good idea at the time
These things always do
You say yes like you want what they propose
When you know it isn't true

Take your toothbrush from the jar atop the sink
It's been there a month, or more
His and hers matching towels on the rack
Is this what it all was for?

Ever since then, there've been two names on the lease
Conversations of clichés
Damned if you do, and damned if you don't
Would you have rather parted ways?
Track Name: Lost In Translation
This isn't right, I have heard this song before
The lyrics changed, and I don't recognize the chords
Can it be the same one we swayed to at your door?

And I can't watch this old movie, it's absurd
I know the dialogue by heart, but I can't understand these words
I try to read the captions, but they're in a language I've never heard

And everything familiar here is crumbling to the ground
I'm dropping rocks down empty wells and praying for a sound

What happened to all those endless summer days?
The sun was bright and it bathed me in its rays
Now I feel winter coming to drown me with its greys

The oceans now refuse to wave, the sun has lost its shine
Serenity is dead and gone, but was it ever mine?
Track Name: Glad We Got Your Hands Warm
Would you give me the gun if I promise not to shoot it?
Can I climb your tree if I don't uproot it?
You can have this key, just keep it 'round your neck
I will show you the way in if you swear you won't turn back

It's warm enough outside to leave without my hat or gloves
But I don't care if it gets cold, 'cause you'll be there to warm me with your love

And if we climb this hill, I will not fall behind
And if I get to the top first, I know you wouldn't mind
And when the storm clouds come, reach out and take my hand
We'll fill our lungs with air, and scream out our last stand

It's warm enough outside to leave without my hat or gloves
But I don't care if it gets cold, 'cause you'll be there to warm me with your love
Reach into my open chest and wrap your hands around my beating heart
You can put the pieces back together without taking them apart